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Three Act Poem

A selfie a day
Kept nothing away
I still lived in horror and fear
Under a sway
I’d live torn and frayed
Lost in a world unclear
I found in this way
That no one could say
Just why these fears would appear
So in doubt, I’d decay
Lonely, afraid
Even with friends far and near
Tis the new culture
The hip way to die
We stare towards our feet
When once we would fly
In hate, we find love
In truth, we find lies
For life ends with death
And laughs become cries
The madness we breed
The chaos we need
Incites what we breathe
As we plant our own seeds
In darkness, we see
The light, we reprieve
For our minds became muck
As we tapped at our keys
The wolves in sheep’s skin
Have long been let in
Convincing our kin
We still knew of sin
Dragged to the den
I watch with a cringe
As I write with my pen
You’re dead
Because you refused your own win


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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