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Firsttimer Poli

Once upon a time
I spoke out some things
I committed their crime
As I hung from some strings
I forgot how to cry
So I clipped my wings
It was then that I lost
My spot in the court of kings
Many of us have walked
Down a slope unsavory
And though we have talked
Of ending our slavery
We continue on down
Into the pits of our own
In which we will drown
Mere skin and mere bones
Those of us alive
We tell our stories
We fight and we strive
To escape territory
We pretend we’re alive
To strengthen allegory
When in truth, we continue
Into a place unholy
Alas, it is true
Of one road we partake
There are no two paths
There is simply heartache
None of us are different
We are all alike
In the fact that we hate and we love and we fight
Some stand within
A room of bounty
While others vomit in
A place unsoundly
And yet there are those
Who lived unopposed
Feasting on the division
We wear as our clothes
Them and their jesters
Juggle us on strings
While in deep submission
We clip our own wings
We live as the party, the joke, and the fraud
So a few men can laugh and pretend they are god
But once upon a time
I spoke out some things
This was in the days
When I knew I could sing
I yelled and I jabbered
I burned the circus ring
But the world would not listen
To the lie, they would cling
Perhaps there are a few
Who for truth, they do strive
Perhaps that is you
Who by honor abides
Perhaps, just maybe
You see not with eyes
Perhaps, just maybe
You live to never die
Perhaps in this world
There are those who hate lies
Perhaps there are those
Who enjoy the sunrise
Maybe in luck, there are those who don’t suck
But from what I have seen, they don’t give a fuck


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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