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This poem is a letter
A single, knowledge setter
The words within will not abetter
They will not free your legs from fetters
That being said
And you being warned
I shall now fall dead
Into a time I once mourned
I shall open this letter
This single, knowledge setter
With an instance in which I was scorned
“No!” Said a man, with anger and rage
“You will not love, you will obey!”
“But what of this girl?” I asked in dismay
For this girl was one I adored
“No!” Said the man.
“No!” He would say
And further, my heart would implore
But the man’s heart was dead
And his head filled with dread
So I whispered to my heart “No more.”
And the beat of it fled
As it fell, torn to shreds
Scattered like dust on the floor
But a hope brought life
As my heart, it revived
Causing my body to soar
This girl, she was right
And her smile, it would light
The gloom of a doomed postwar
Together we walked
And together we talked
Briefly free of the chains on our feet
Together we sought
A life free of fraught
And in secret, we’d secretly meet
Then with a fright
I looked with my sight
At a horizon now made obsolute
I looked to my side
Where she once would abide
My happiness no longer replete
Gone away like the bird
Leaving a winter unheard
She had left, ran away on her feet
And as a wind made of were
Swept me away with a slur
I forgot what I once would recite
So in haste, I renewed
The love I’d subdued
Prepping my light to make bright
But in my stomach, I knew
Her love was askew
That destiny had decided this plight
So I laid it all down
And buried it in the ground
A fate with which I was alright
For my heart, it was healed
As much as it’d yield
And eventually, it would end this fight
And the girl, she would wield
A courage revealed
A courage stronger then might
For in leaving, she sealed
A strength like a shield
That coupled with a sword made of light
And I, now alone
Lived unatoned
For the times I had cried in the night
For these tears made of blood
Would flow like a flood
If my mouth these words not repeat
That I’m sorry, my dear
For the words that once seared
Through your spirit, neat and petite
No longer may I
No matter the why
Say “Hello.” with a nice friendly tweet
For our past is now closed
And we’re now opposed
On the points we once used to greet
Take no offense
I mean you no harm
So please make your anger disarmed
No matter our lies
I see with my eyes
That the world is lost and alarmed
So in closing, I say
On this now saddened day
That I wish through this mess you may find your way
For what we once had
Is withered and done
And this alright, though sad
And though you are brighter then the moon and the sun
I must say goodbye, comrade
Goodbye, Girl


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