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Why Marvel Beats DC Comics

Marvel and DC Comics have been rivals since what seems like the beginning of time. The two alone have been responsible for priceless and iconic parts of our American culture and have even helped to shape our childhoods in countless ways. Nearly everyone has heard of Spiderman and or Batman and nowadays, nearly everyone has seen at least one superhero film. With huge projects such as Avengers: Infinity War coming up and the recently released Justice League, it seems like the rivalry between Marvel and DC is more intense than ever. However, with some of DC Comics’ latest films bombing out, some are starting to question if there even is a competition between Marvel and DC anymore. With films like Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther being as wild of a success as they’ve been, Marvel Studios seems to have quite a plan for success while DC Comics’ future seems to be a little shaky. Although some of their single films have been very successful (Man Of Steel and Wonder Woman), their team-ups have been received with mixed reactions. With this in mind, here are two main reasons for why Marvel seems to be winning over DC Comics.

Flawed Characters
The first and foremost reason would be Marvel’s seemingly infinite library of flawed characters. When writing and developing comic book characters, both Stan Lee and Jack Kirby put a strong emphasis on creating characters that were flawed in nature, hence making them more interesting and relatable. Characters such as Wolverine and Iron Man clearly have strong emotional issues and because of this, we as viewers are more inclined to connect with the character on screen. While some of DC Comics’ characters are flawed in nature such as Batman, the Flash, Superman, and the Joker, the rest of their characters seem to be nothing more than one-dimensional super-powered individuals. On the other hand, nearly every one of Marvel’s characters has a specific emotionally driving point that determines their every decision. The loss of Tony Stark’s parents, the death of Peter Quill’s mother, a seventy-year time gap for Steve Rogers, the betrayal of a brother, the death of a father, and loss of an eye for Thor. Each of these characters and more has been bruised and beaten, yet through this, they battle on which in turn makes their triumph all the more rewardable.

The Catchup Game
The second and probably final reason would be Marvel’s “in it for the long haul” attitude. Since the first Iron Man film, Marvel has clearly been developing and executing a long-term strategy for their cinematic universe. With each new film, they lay another brick atop the already amazing studio and gain new success and fans. Avengers: Infinity War, for example, has taken almost a decade to become a reality while DC Comics attempted to replicate this with Justice League in just under five years. As a result of this, Justice League was more of a mess of heroes facing a villain of absolutely no interest rather than an awe-inspiring superhero team-up. On the other hand, their single superhero films such as Man Of Steel and Wonder Woman seem to be doing just fine. Why? Because in each of these films, the audience was able to develop a relationship with a singular character along with a supporting cast instead of wondering whether or not they liked a character that was just introduced five minutes ago. Through Marvel Studios’ long-term plan, they’ve created a roster of characters who are well developed and well connected. By the time a two and a half hour superhero team-up rolls around, audiences are already prepared and are neither underwhelmed or overwhelmed.

And there you have it. The two main reasons for Marvel Studios’ wild success over DC Comics. However, if there’s another reason you can think of, or you simply want to share your own opinions, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below! I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Avengers: Infinity War releases on April 27, 2018, while DC Comics’ Aquaman will be released sometime later in the same year.


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