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Silent Mouth

At this time
I have no words
No words for you I have
My thoughts are fleeting like the birds
And my memory’s cut in half
I know that this must sound absurd
I’m sorry on creativity’s behalf
But my mind is tired, lost, and blurred
Like a sinking, ocean raft
I sit here now
With a silent mouth
Not knowing what to say
I’m scattered and spread from north to south
Just soaking up the rain
In my head, I know the dread
Of a mentally slow decay
But my heart is led, what’s to be said?
I won’t be another cliche
Why make a speech?
And sound like a leech
Off the kindness others give
Why must you beseech?
To make my soul breached
For in silence I wish to live
When it is time, my hands they will reach
And myself I shall forgive
But for now, I shall sit
Observing the it
Searching myself from within


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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