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I used again last night
I started and turned up the light
For the world in which I reside
Is much too dark for drug lit eyes
I inhaled, took it in
Like it was nothing but air
I sipped, I gulped
Like I had plenty to spare
I poked, I prodded
I raised myself high
I smiled and nodded
And burst through the sky
It flowed through my blood
As this poem does now
It made up a flood
Of revelations somehow
It made its way through
Every crack of my brain
Until my eyes opened
To look out at the rain
Leaning forward, I saw
Though with much strain
A young woman who stood there
In the midst of the rain
She wore a black dress
And stared with disdain
Wondering if
My hands I’d restrain
And the rain, it poured
In buckets and jugs
Like a joker who plays
With aces and clubs
But the woman, she stood
Like a tree in the ground
Planted with might
By a heart once made sound
The rain, it would part
Of this I was sure
But the woman would not
She’d stand and endure
From forest to forest
The world it would change
And there she would stand
Lost and estranged
But for now, we both eyed
As we froze, wet with rain
The bodies we denied
And that pleasurable pain
Together, we were torn
But in one mighty sweep
The effects, they were worn
And I awoke from a sleep
Now perhaps this all
Took place in a dream
Erupting from
Some midnight scene
But as I laid there
Trying to breathe
I saw her walk in
A beauty unforeseen


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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