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The Rememoring

Does anybody here remember?
That time I jumped too high?
Does anyone recall?
When I almost touched the sky?
Did anybody here take record?
Of what I once felt deep inside
Does anybody here remember?
Did you see it with your eyes?
Does anybody know?
Can you feel it with your mind?
Did no one take a pause?
To do what once felt right?
How could you need a cause?
The feeling is there in sight
But in the world, I’ve seen
Their eyes are cold and blind
Don’t lecture me on insanity
I’ve been there and walked that road
I wrote in a poem
In a book and in a show
I explored all its mysteries
Like a cave or an ocean cove
Then it passed like a fleeting victory
Leaving a scar, a story to be told
Don’t talk to me of anger
Of bitterness, of rage
I heard it in a song
And it crumbled the monster’s cage
Don’t give me a speech on sadness
I’ve been there, trust me, I know
It drove me through a madness
Like a man once described a crow
Don’t give me your eyes of pity
You need them as your own
Take off your lens of charity
And see me on my throne
Look at me
Without the stains that block your eyes
Look at me
And see me from these rise
Take a moment, breath in and out
Feel the things I’ve spoken
Now stop! And look about
Look at the world around you
The world I caught you in
A world you never knew
A world untouched by sin
Cast glances to and fro
And breath in all that you can
For on the count of three
This poem, it will end


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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