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The Fence

There stood a fence
It stood there in the grass
A lined commenced
It stood between two houses
It was tense
It was weathered, old and faded
No more hints
That poor fence
And there it stood alone
It’s loneliness unabated
Attempting to atone
So in its sin, it waited
It sat there as it creaked
Underneath the air it breathed
For upon it was heaped
A duty to achieve
A relationship bereaved
With which I don’t agree
But alas, that’s just me
Unlike the people who could not see
Through all four seasons it stood
Through the snow and heat and leaves
It stood there like strong wood
A barrier well achieved
It stood there with a mission
A purpose, a point
It stood there with ambition
A friendship to disjoint
It divided those two houses
Which together were once a home
It divided those two spouses
Who each now lived alone
As you see, the fence was constructed
Constructed one violent night
When it was discovered their love was obstructed
Obstructed by a horrible fight
And so there the fence will stand
Dividing that lovely pair
It will stand there as a boundary
A wily, nightmarish affair
It will stand there with a face
A face that is cunning and sly
A face that portrays a beauty
A beauty that is always a lie


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