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Big Brained Man

There once was a man
With a rather large brain
This man with the brain
Was considered insane
But if one looked closely
At the story he told
One just might discover
He was no big brained fool
From a distance
You’d see him yammering on
To who? You may ask
Well, that’s why his brain seemed gone
For the space that he spoke to
Remained empty and void
So people withdrew
From the man unemployed
Every day he’d awake
And say “Hello, how are you?”
To which the space remained still
While the man said, “Well that’s good, me too.”
And so people would think
With good reason, they thought
That this man was on the brink
Of a crazy he’d wrought
But not one single person
Dared to understand
Just what had determined
The fate of this man
Until one stormy day
While the story clouds brewed
Along came a maid
Who understood there be work to do
She swept off his patio
And raked his lawn
She washed his dishes
And covered his yawns
She combed his hair
And folded his bed
For she thought she knew
What went on in his head
The man did not notice
Or so it would seem
The fact that this maid
The house she would clean
He did not know
Or so he portrayed
That this cocky, young woman
Had come to help his ways
The maid, she felt hopeless
And on one pointless night
She packed her bags
And readied to leave at first light
But as the fireplace roared
In her small, tattered room
The man, he came in
And said softly, “It is you.”
“It is I?” She asked.
“It is I you speak to?”
“Yes,” He replied
“I was waiting for you.”
“But what could that mean?”
The maid asked, confused.
And the man, he said quietly
“My death is the clue.”
And then he died


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