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The Field

Once, in the midst of a foggy spell
I stood in a field
With a ghastly smell
The moon shone bright
The clouds stood still
Just as I
Who felt not well
I stood there waiting
For a creature to emerge
A creature I was baiting
Away from its herd
I stood there, sweating
Sweating more
I stood there, shaking
With a creeping horror
The grass swayed gently
Unaware of the fear
The fear that permeated
The field far and near
It once left its mark
On the cattle’s rear
The cattle who once
Roamed year after year
But the cattle were gone
Away from this field
As were the mice
Who had melted and congealed
The creatures remaining
Had run in terror
So the field was empty
Tainted with an eerie flavor
Except for I
Who stood there waiting
Waiting for an evil
That I was baiting
An evil I’d know
Would come out raging
Prepared to take
The bait that was waiting
For but a moment
The only sound
Was that of the grass
As it rustled on the ground
But there it was
That familiar bound
That familiar leap
That familiar hound
It came from the forest
Into the field
And there I stood
Prepared to yield
Its eyes glowed yellow
Its heart unhealed
It knew who I was
I was its next meal
Yes, I confess
“It was I!” I proclaimed
“I took your heart,
It is I you should blame.”
The dog looked at me
Its jaw held tight
It did not weaken
It would not feel fright
It would not hold dearly
The way I stood here
Preparing to give her
The thing she once feared
But I understood
She wasn’t to blame
I stole her heart
And with it her name
In hatred and love
And passion and fright
I had twisted this dove
This creature of light
She was now a dog
A dog untrained
A dog gone wild
With a beastly mane
Her heart had been blackened
By my aforementioned actions
And her mind turned savage
With the times I had ravaged
So there I stood
In the middle of the night
Under a moon
With a pale, pale light
I stood there waiting
For a creature, I was baiting
Knowing this meeting
Would bring no redeeming
“Alright, take me, I’m ready to go.”
She poised there silently, eyeing her foe
I closed my eyes, sweating on death row
And that’s when I heard it, a distinctive “No.”
I opened my eyes, I put my arms down
I spun in circles, I looked round and round
There was no beast, there was no dog
Only a woman who stood there in the fog
She stood there naked, the mist her covering
She stood there smiling, her soul undying
She looked at me and I looked at her
This is who I knew
Before she joined the herd
My mistakes hadn’t ruined
She hadn’t turned
She remained a beauty
A woman not burned
She wasn’t a monster
She’s not like me
She was more pretty
Then the sky and the sea
We left off lost
But now look at her
She continued on
A leader of followers
“I’m so sorry,” I spoke as I choked
But she was gone
Gone away as a ghost
She stood not here
She stood not there
From my narrowed eyes
She wasn’t anywhere
She had left
And to where, I’m not sure
But her silence brought rest
To leave things as they were
But in the night
Things are so strange
The feelings aren’t right
And the thoughts deranged
She left, of this I am certain
But in the midst of this fog
I felt draped with a curtain
My brain felt so tight
And the field, it was new
Poisoned, I’d say
As a thing slithered through
It ejected itself
Into the atmosphere
Leaving its scar
As it entered my ear
“I forgive you.”
She never had said
But I knew that a peace
Her silence had bred
Yet here was this thing
That snaked through myself
It made my ears ring
And my essence, it smelt
It made my eyes black
And my heart turn to coal
And in that moment, it said
“I am you, you fooled soul.”
But how could this be?
This thing that ate me
I collapsed to my knees
Begging it, “Please!”
But it would not lessen
It would not stop
It continued its injestion
As I became a grizzly slop
“But why me?” I asked
As this thing devoured
It paused and whispered
“You wouldn’t forgive you, you coward.”
So what was this thing?
It was me and my rage
To me, it would cling
Like a biological cage
It was an evil unleashed
Something I had made
Because I refused to let go
And turn the next page
And that next page, I’m sure
Would have been glorious
But in this field, you’ll see
Your hate is notorious

It will come back for you
Time after time
It will haunt you
Till the day that you die
On the door of your life
It will arrive
And when you ask who it is
That stands on your porch
It’ll simply reply
“I am evil knocking at your door.
“That, and nothing more.”


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