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Two-Faced Note

If the world were a two-faced note
If flowers knew how to gloat
I think I’d know and understand
If there were a master plan
For in looking around
I fail to see
Just what is defined
As good and lovely
In the heart
I’ve heard it said
That dreams not only happen
When I lay in bed
But as I look around at this master piece
I realize that I find no peace
For the story won’t end
It just won’t end
It continues on
So the heart won’t mend
It goes on and on
Chapter after chapter
It rewinds from end to dawn
Just to show me a new factor
There always a new facet
A face that I missed
Such is the curse of a writer
A writer like me, caught in the abyss
So I type and draw and pen myself away
Wondering if the story will ever find its way
But in the end, I see
If there is an end, I hope
That these stories are like the sea
And forever they will grope
They will grope through darkness, humanity and more
They’ll grope through happiness, blood, and war

They’ll serve their purpose
To more than one
For stories are a light
That is brighter than the sun


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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