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End Time Zone

There is no world beyond that ledge
There is no rest for you
There is no place to rest your head
There is no morning dew
If you step off
There is no end
Your life won’t stop
The road will just bend
It will curve and twist and narrow and tighten
It will snake and turn and it will not lighten
Just as a tree that grows everlasting
You will continue to grow, undying
For in death we find that there is no end
Only is there an edge
An edge that effectively separates
The living from the dead
So don’t turn back
By all means
Take that leap of faith
I’m sure you’ll find a path to follow
I’m sure you’ll know which route to take
But if you jump and cross that line
Into that realm unknown
To your horror, you just might find
The truth of end time zone
Maybe in death, you’ll finally see
That death doesn’t happen to you
It happens to me


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