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The Flower

She’s a friend to those in need
But where it concerns me?
Well that’s a different story
Through her eyes, I remain just as all the others
But through my view infected, she’s my beautiful flower
This view is a seed from long ago
A seed she planted in my heart, although
It was not her alone who cultivated that garden
But alas! I destroyed it
For my heart became hardened
There is no cure
No way to go back
No way to manicure
The flower I attacked
What once grew between us
Became a wall, a plaque
A reward that reminds me
To keep my pain on track
She once knew my mind
But no longer is this so
For my mind has been hardened
Just like my heart from long ago
This burden I bear
Is a fate so dear
For it is all I have left
Of that love that ended in tears


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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