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The New Confused (Facebook Post)

womens-1838149Recently I stumbled upon a video showing a young child being beaten by an adult who seemed to be in her mid-thirties. The dialogue was foreign to me so I could not interpret the reasons for why this child was being beaten, but simply looking at the video showed me that the child did not deserve such a fate. The adult used both her hand and a wooden broom to beat the child over the head, back and on the buttock. The video was obviously real and it absolutely broke my heart. However, what broke my heart the most was not necessarily the fact that the child was being beaten, although this was saddening. What truly broke my heart was the child’s reaction. The child, who was no older than six or seven, simply cried, shielding herself from the ungodly onslaught the best she could. But her tears were not necessarily sourced from anger or pain but from confusion. Anyone else who has had experience with Human emotions would know instantly that the child was confused more than anything else. In her eyes, one could see love towards the person who beat her, but because of this, she was confused at to the why. Why would she ever deserve such a punishment? I’m sure, in her mind, she raced to understand what she had done to produce such anger in this person who was most likely a relative. She simply could not understand why she deserved this, yet if this person she loved administrated such beatings, then it must be the sad truth of life that she did indeed deserve it. While you and I know that this child did not deserve such pain, the child did not. She simply continued to protect herself the best she could.
I could not even finish watching the five-minute video out of total anger and maddening sadness. It was simply too heart wrenching. I could not comprehend someone doing something like to a child, no less. Just from the little I saw, I could only imagine that the child, if not amended, would grow up to become immensely insecure and lost in horrible rejection, feeling unaccepted by everyone and everything.
Summing up this very long post, I would just like to take a moment to reassure you, the reader, that YOU are not unaccepted. YOU are cared for. YOU are loved. YOU are NOT rejected. YOU are NOT evil. YOU are AMAZING! And nothing could convince me otherwise.
-Your Friend, Twisty Ceives


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