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A Sky Escaped

A sky escaped my mouth today
As did a world beneath
I hadn’t realized it would turn out that way
Perhaps I spent too long buried underneath
For the ground has a humorous way of splitting open
Just when we’ve poured our last grain of sand
And the mind has a funny way of being broken
Although otherwise the world demands
So now the world has been introduced
To the horrors within my brain
Many people have gathered together
To tell me that I’m insane
Maybe they’re merely voices
That I conjured in my sleep
Perchance they’re only choices
Over which I regularly weep
But no matter their origin or story
This poem must continue on
I must sharpen what has been made blurry
And complete this phenomenon
For each life is a cyclical cycle
Of what we did before
But we act as if it’s a trifle
The weight we’ve learned to bore
We trudge on compliantly
Moving from war to war
Without once questioning society
We just trudge on more and more

To watch the video for this poem, click HERE


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