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Ceives’ Reality

The grass is frozen
So is the pond
The trees are stagnant
But winter has not yet come
It once was bright summer
But now the seasons are lost
The birds no longer flutter
The air has a rigid frost
The people stand still
And so do their pets
It seems I’ve lost the will
To remember those I once met
For I am a figure
In a world covered with dust
A lost Reader
Who sees the system as unjust
My thoughts, they float past
My mind it seems to be aside cast
For in this place
This horrible, frozen waste
It is found that, in essence
I’ve forgotten my adolescence
So the grey sky is motionless
Without a cloud in sight
As I sit there wondering
What life was once like
When worries of the past
Did not creep ever so raging
And fears of my future
Were not horribly waging
For in order to be
The great Twisty Ceives
I have learned to believe
That this world that we see
Is merely one reality
Amongst millions of possibilities
So the next time that you think
That this world is but one
Just remember to link
Battles lost and wars won


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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