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I Interviewed The Devil


  I interviewed the Devil just the other day. He is not as formidable as some fear him to be. Despite what so many have claimed, he is actually quite reasonable and composed. His form was simple. He did not wear a slick business suit and certainly was not painted red. Surprisingly, he shocked the cliches by wearing a pair of blue jeans and a red, plaid shirt. Although I knew he was evil, he did not seem as such. From the best of my observations, he seemed just as normal as the average Human Being. He was very gracious in granting me an interview and we talked for what seemed like days although it was most likely a few hours.

  During our conversation, I asked many questions. But, out of all the questions I asked and all the answers I received, there was but one question that he answered that was memorable. I remember every increment of time during his response to my memorable question so vividly. We had been sitting across from each other in an obscure cafe. He was mildly sipping from his cup of tea with his legs crossed in a dainty manner while I jotted down a few ideas he had presented to me previously. Upon finishing, I looked him directly in the eye which I was advised not to do and asked him why he insisted upon destroying the world. He merely put his cup of tea down on the small table that sat between us and cleared his throat as his eyes wandered slightly to the left. Once prepared, he told me that he did not insist upon destroying the world and furthermore claimed that he was not even the Devil. I was shocked at his response. If he was not the Devil, then who had I been interviewing this entire time? However, the continuation of his reply brought my questions into perfect understanding. a-statement-of-ceives-xviiiThe Devil went on to articulate that the Devil was not just one man for the Devil is merely who we perceive him to be. For example, a victim of rape perceives their rapist to be the Devil, do they not? A victim of cruel abuse perceives their abuser to be the Devil, do they not? Even a victim of intense fear perceives the monster that induces such fear to be the Devil, do they not?

  The Devil then explained to me that he was indeed the Devil for he took delight in hurting others. However, he then continued by saying that he need not hurt others when others persist in hurting themselves. He need not destroy the world, for we Humans are already doing a fantastic job of tearing it apart ourselves. And this is where the Devil found irony. He found it truly ironic that we tear down ourselves, others and the world in which we live all because we have become the very things we fear. For what we intentionally endeavor to fear is what we most certainly will become. So the Devil was not just the man that sat before me, but instead is every man and woman who purposely fears the Devil. Why, you may ask? Well, I asked as well. The Devil leaned forward very quietly across the table and lowered his voice accordingly and responded by saying that, in all honesty, he had no power of his own but merely the power of those who feared him. The Devil was nothing more than a figment to which we dedicate all darkness. He was nothing more than an elusive myth operating in the shadows of our own lies which is why he is never seen in the light.

  The interview went on for quite some time after this, but this is the one part of the conversation I had with the Devil that was truly memorable. For here the Devil admitted to me that he has no power of his own but only the power which we give him through our own acts of fear, darkness, hate and despair. The very things we claim to despise are the very things which we will become when we continually focus ourselves on them.

  Afterwards, when the Devil had left in a cloud of black smoke, I sat there in the obscure cafe wondering at all the things the Devil had told me. In my own mind, I began to realize that every evil thing that has struck this world at one point or another has been because of Human choice. For even if we are not directly involved in whatever horrid happening is taking place, many of us still empower such atrocities with our words and thoughts. Shouldn’t we have, as a Human race, already realized that what we say eventually comes to pass? A Statement Of Ceives XVIIWhat we declare and announce is the catalyst for our future. After my interview with the Devil, I am most assured that there is no such thing as an evil overlord that controls all darkness. If this were the case, darkness would not be chaotic. The reason darkness is chaotic is because Human Beings control both the dark and light. Although the Devil found the notion ironic that Humans have become self-defeating creatures, I found the notion ironic that we Humans scramble for power in a mad flurry of chaos while not even realizing that we ourselves are the power we seek. For in the beginning, we were made perfect and in the middle we found ourselves imperfect. But in the end; what shall we be?

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