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A Raincoat

My name is Twisty Ceives
And I’ve learned a little lesson
I’d like to share it with you
So I could be a little blessing
What I’ve learned
While on this Earth
At the age of teen sixteen
From the day my mother gave birth
Since when I learned to say “Please?”
This lesson is that things
Are never what they seem
For instance, I once had this rain coat
That was stained, discolored and old
It had patches on the elbows
But it protected me from the cold
Now why is that we judge
a coat by its exterior?
If we did this with each other
We would think each other inferior
Now the founding fathers of this country
Had decided different for us
They saw us as individuals
Not as an arrogant little cuss
They dreamed of a brighter future
And saw past the average set of mind
And decided that the only way to change
Is to start with what’s inside
Now this world thinks it can stop us
Give us labels of pride
But the fact is that we are who we are
Not what the world says is right
Now as a teen who’s strange and lonely
I’ve been mistook for many things
I’ve been thought of as odd and ugly
While the truth is that I’m a King
My body will be gone
Long after I’ve truly lived
For what matters is the spirit
For this is without limits
But the world thinks it knows me
As something that I’m not
If I chose to accept to their version
I’d wither and rot
Well I apoligize
But I’m not the kind of man who just sits around
While others predefine me
And push me to the ground
I’ll stand for what I believe
Even if I know not what it means
For the truth is always inside
And my limit the sky
Oh wait
What about the space age
That takes us closer
Our technology proves
That we are the composers
Of our own fate in question
All it requires is expression
Which leads to progression
Which shows us the light of Heaven
For that is what Heaven truly is
If there really is such a thing
Heaven is the place we build
And the blessings that we bring
Everyone is looking for a miracle
While the miracle lies within
You want to change the world?
Then start believing you’re a win
For the first step to freedom
Is seeing that you’re a gem
So continue building those skyscrapers
And singing those unfinished songs
For we are the stoppers and makers
Of how far we move along
For in the end when we are gone
The things we mend will be the things that live on
So don’t judge a rain coat by its patches
Or a person by their scars
For the truth is that together
We shine brighter than the stars


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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