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An Unusual Deviation

an-unusual-deviationI am random in my actions quite often; or, so it would seem to others who do not know me as well as others might. I am seemingly strange, sometimes insane, eccentric, forgetful, unconventionally imaginative, unorthodox, socially whimsical, wildly humorous, goal oriented, egocentric, overly curious with a tendency to sometimes complicate straightforward understandings. Although these words are a mostly accurate portrayal of myself, the great Twisty Ceives, I must comment on the fact that these words do not reflect my being in wholeness. For I made of more than simple words, you see. I have much more to offer the world than the rendition of myself created by others who do not know me as well as others might. However, it is the sad reality of our modern American behavior to assume that another is something they are not based on the image that others have placed on such a person.

Perhaps a child strives to be kind, delightful and understanding to all yet after a few simple mistakes which are then removed from context, they are continually told that they are indeed the opposite. Perhaps a man strives to be great yet because of an insignificant family lineage, he is told that he can never accomplish greatness. Perhaps a young teen strives to be intelligent beyond the normal capacity, but is considered typically egotistical because of average Humans by which he or she is constantly surrounded. Perhaps a teacher wishes to learn but cannot- for no one else is willing to teach. Perhaps a chef wishes to eat but cannot- for no one else is willing to cook. Perhaps a coward wishes to be a hero but cannot- for the hero will not empower such a person to take such steps. Perhaps the listener wishes to speak but cannot- for no one else is willing to hear. Perhaps a photographer wishes to be part of the family portrait, but cannot- for no one else is willing to take the photo. Perhaps I wish to devour a magically and deliciously yellow, golden fruit called banana but cannot- for my household is lacking in such foods. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. There are so many Humans on this planet who wish to become more yet because of the titles flung upon them by the world in which we live, they simply cannot aspire to extraordinary deeds. They are trapped in what they know to be true. But there is a difference between truth and fact.

According to my 1982 Webster’s New Dictionary which I ordered online via for the purpose of unveiling the fact that our American understanding has been becoming slowly perverted; fact means “that which is done” while truth means “the quality or state of being true”. Therefore, fact indicates that I am egocentric based on my actions while truth implies that I am not truly egocentric; but instead, have another side that is not yet revealed. Just because someone lies does not mean they have now become a liar. Just because someone steals does not mean they have now become a thief. Just because a certain writer forgot to purchase himself a magically and deliciously yellow, golden fruit called banana at the store does not mean he has now become a raging lunatic experiencing withdrawals from his second favorite fruit. The only meaning these examples can give is the fact that certain people commit certain actions that may or may not be a reflection of the truth.

As if this article isn’t already filled with a myriad of illustrations, I shall provide one more in hopes that my argument will, in time, reside within your beliefs. Let us say for a moment that a certain man who is truly genuine and nice to all those around him one day explodes in a fit of furious rage. He not only frightens his family, friends and colleagues but also drives away his best of friends; those he thought would never forsake him. Now, after this happening, the man will indeed begin to question from whence this outburst emanated and might even begin to dispute the truth that he is indeed genuine and nice. Having said that, we must wonder what could have caused this horrid outbreak of anger. For all we know, he simply had a bad night’s sleep or saw someone he wished not to see. While this man questions the truth, fact lays before him declaring that he is cruel, angry and metaphorically heartless. However, the truth of such a matter would be that this man has always shown that he is kind and gentle. Yet, because of one outburst, which is only Human, might I add, this man now questions the obvious and nearly embraces an entirely new identity. Eventually, if this man continues to dwell upon the situation, he will have more frequent outbursts and will, at some point in time, become the monster he always feared becoming. Simply because he dwelt on the fact of his actions and not the truth which resided in his heart, he would become what he truly is not

This parable is a fantastic analogy of the American people. Facts can tell us many things. However, facts can never deduce the heart of a person. Only the truth, and nothing but the truth, can set us free. This is why, in a court setting, witnesses are always made to swear that they will tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help them, God. For it is the truth that reveals what is concealed, enlightens what is dark and unveils the frenzied lunatics in places high. The truth is the basis for all realities, unless of course we choose to build our own false reality based on a lie. I once said that perspective is the basis of the reality in which we live. So if one chooses to live one’s life by means of the truth, then their reality will automatically reflect this. But, if one chooses to live one’s life by means of lies, than their reality will automatically reflect this as well.

There is a somewhat old statement that is usually used in the setting of humor, but since I am unorthodox, I shall use it in the setting of seriousness. This somewhat old statement is “Do not cloud the issue with facts.” Although this statement is more of an imperative sentence, it will suit my needs nonetheless. In many instances, one can actually cloud an issue with facts. For if one continually bombards oneself and others by that which was done, then oneself and others will ultimately repeat the same mistake at greater lengths. Fact indicates that I am sometimes insensitive to others emotions which can make me look quite cruel and uncaring. Truth, on the other metaphorical hand, indicates that I have a good heart that cares very much for people, but simply has become lost amongst the facts that others who do not know me as well as others might have so hastily cast upon me, clouding my mind.

Whoever you are, reading my article right now, I do not know you. Well, I might, as I know quite a few people, but let us assume that I do not know you. Let us say that we have never met and for I all know, you live on the side of the earth opposite to myself. Nonetheless, I am going to make a bold speculation about you. I speculate that you are an intelligent, amazing, humorous, good hearted, understanding Human Being with no pretentious evil within you. I speculate this because it is true. For every Human Being on this planet has the capability for good just as they do bad. But truth says that you, the Reader of this article, will prevail in the battle against factual evil. Usually I end my articles with some sort of well put query or convicting statement, but for this article, I shall simply say that you, the Reader, have the potential for amazing feats. That is all.

Twisty Ceives (mr. ceives)



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