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The Human Race(ism)

The Human Race(ism)Words are perhaps the most powerful form of communication there is. Actually, now that I muse over this, I realize that they are the only form of communication there is which makes them all the more powerful. In the English language alone, there are around 1,025,109 words that exist while the average American typically uses 20,000 words in their active vocabulary. Out of all these words, there is but one word about which I would like to write. Shockingly, this one word has inspired chaos all over the globe in more than one instance. It is the very scion of hate and is avoided in average articulation yet expressed in modern demeanor regularly. In fact, this word is so controversial that my editor has advised me to handle it with great sensitivity as it is quite a delicate topic. This specific topic happens to be “racism”. According to the “all-knowing” internet, racism is defined as the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race. Screenshot_2016-07-21-20-00-14However, in a 2004 Webster’s New Dictionary, racism is defined as a belief in innate superiority of a particular race causing antagonism towards members of a different race. So, according to 2016’s understanding of racism; racism is nothing to be worried over as it is simply a belief of superiority because of specific characteristics or abilities’ while in 2004, America defined racism as an antagonist belief that entails that a particular race holds innate superiority. After reading these vastly different definitions, we discover that America’s understanding of what racism truly is has become perverse. In my article 1+1=?, I confront this where it concerns history. Apparently, we no longer consider racism as an antagonistic belief. But when looking at the mainstream news media, we realize that this is a huge contradiction to what we actually believe or what we are taught to believe.

Digging further into the evolution of the English language, we find that in a 2000 Webster’s New Pocket Dictionary, racism is defined as a racial discrimination or persecution. Apparently, as the times change, so do our beliefs. Over a period of sixteen years, we as an American people have watered down the actual meaning of what racism truly is. To prove my point even further, I have gone as far as to order a 1982 Webster’s New World Dictionary from (which is why this article is so long overdue) so that I could reveal just how tainted our understanding of this perverse religion called racism has become.

After waiting for a solid two weeks to receive my 1982 dictionary, I found the most satisfying definition for “racism” that I could ever hope to find. According to the newest possession in my wonderful literary collection, racism is defined as a doctrine or teaching, without scientific support, that claims to find racial differences in character, intelligence, etc., that asserts the superiority of one race over another or others, and that seeks to maintain the supposed purity of a race or the races. There you have it; racism, according to 1982’s modern vernacular, is the act of raising oneself higher than another: for one feels he or she is more important because of the distinctive biological pigmentation of one’s skin which somehow affects one’s character, intelligence, etc. This mentality is perverse on every level imaginable. Why should the color of one’s skin effect one’s capability or potential? It should not, however, this belief system has IMG_20160820_201350begun to taint every facet of American society so much that it casts us into disarray. Because of the slow steadiness of change, we have slowly allowed ourselves to believe something entirely different than what we originally intended as Americans. And although it is true that when the founding forefathers claimed that all men were created equal they did not truly mean all men but instead meant those who were male, white and of the same basic beliefs; it is intriguing to me that these are the words which we choose to hold high as a banner when clamoring for more rights. Once again it is shown that we have allowed ourselves to become part of the feeding frenzy of supposed democracy.

All men, women and children were created equal no matter their status, race or belief; this is true. So why is it that we must take a side when arguing a debate that does nothing but separate us one from another? The whole purpose of racism is to divide us, as an American people, into multiple sides. To quote a statement from a supposedly great man; a house divided against itself cannot stand. So when we are divided against one another in a terrible argument of status; we have truly degraded ourselves by choosing to participate in such an obviously pointless fight. Racism is merely a religious belief based off of pride and bitterness that holds no type of evidence whatsoever. Yet on both sides, we feed it like the ravenous monster it is.

Something that intrigues me very much when viewing the Black Lives Matter movement from afar is that, through means of oppression upon those of different color, they press forward for more rights and special privileges while holding up high the fact that they are supposed to become equal with those they seek to suppress. Yet, how can they be equal when they are above? I purposely take no side in racism; for to participate in it, is to empower it. In an interview, the famous Morgan Freeman, who is a black man, was once asked how racism could be eliminated. His answer was startlingly simple; stop talking about it. Although he is simply an actor, his words are profound. The way to stop racism is to stop empowering it. And to stop empowering it, we must stop feeding it with our words.

Words are perhaps the most powerful form of communication there is. Actually, now that I muse over this, I realize that they are the only form of communication there is which makes them all the more powerful. In the English language alone, they are around 1,025,109 words that exist while the average American typically uses 20,000 words in their active vocabulary. Out of all these words, we choose to elevate the negative articulations. We bombard ourselves with the hateful side of our vocabulary as we spew forth the anger of the heart. Racism is not an issue; hate is an issue. Our perverted hearts are an issue. For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. And our hearts have been becoming perverted for a very long time through more ways than I wish to count.

Our American heritage is stained red in more than one thousand ways. We have fought through so much to overcome what seems like so little. Yet, there are still so many battles being fought that simply do not need our attention. They are pointless and time-consuming. They suck away the very essence of who we are as Americans. Although I disagree with racial discrimination movements greatly, I must admire the fact that on every side of the twisted, metaphorical game of life, there are those who fight for a better future. But they fight in the wrong ways and for the wrong causes. Take a moment, if you will, and imagine what would happen if we as an American people, set the standard, and united for the greater good. Chaos spreads across the earth like weeds in a farm and the only way to eliminate weeds is to pull them completely from existence. If we wish to become a unified Human Race, we must completely pull the schism from our lives that tears us apart so profusely and chokes us to death as weeds choke a beautiful flower. In other words, we must put down our pride and admit that there is so much more to fight for together than apart. For united we stand and separated we fall.

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2 thoughts on “The Human Race(ism)

  1. There is valid scientific research on racial differences and that they exist. I don’t believe in superiority as using that word for humans and organisms is stupid. It makes no biological sense.


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