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1+1=?What is one plus one?  Anyone with a slight inkling of education knows to be true the fact that one plus one equals two. But if I were to ask you, the reader, why one plus one equaled two; would you be able to answer me? I once had a math teacher who told me a story about her college days. She told me that she once was taught by a math professor why one plus one equals two and took it took several hours and six entire school chalkboards to do so. My math teacher went on to say that she did not need to know why one plus one equals two because how could she ever remember or even comprehend such a complex explanation? She simply accepted the fact that one plus one equaled two without questioning the why of this seemingly simple math equation. This particular story is a wonderful analogy of the typical American mentality. We claim to know and understand what is happening in our country yet if I were to ask you, the reader, why these horrid things were happening; what viable explanation would you have?

Recently one hundred and two people were shot by a supposed terrorist in Orlando, Florida while police officers were instructed to not pursue for at least fifteen minutes. Around six months ago, Planned Parenthood was exposed for selling baby body parts while major news networks overlooked the matter entirely. Hillary Clinton was recently exposed for illegally deleting emails from her private server that most likely contained sensitive information yet she still races toward the position of president. We know what is happening in our country, or at least we think we know; but, we have no idea as to why these things are happening. And if one does not know and understand the origin of a problem, then how can one provide a solution?

I accept the fundamental fact that one plus one equals two because I haven’t the time or even the mind to grasp why one plus one equals two but what I do have time for is to question why these things are happening. Today is the fourth of July, a day we call Independence. We know what we do on this day and we know when it is, but do we know why it is? Why is today a national representation of independence and freedom? Why is it that today is different from other days? I’m sure that as you’re reading this now, you are developing mental textbook answers but that is not the purpose of me asking them. The purpose, as always, is to get you to think. I don’t want you to begin recalling your school indoctrination where it concerns historical events. Instead, I want you to quiet your mind and have an individual thought for yourself.

Here is a quick fun fact for you. If you were to take a history textbook from the year 2000 and compare it to a history textbook from the year 2016, which is this year, I am most certain that you will find that some major historical events have been drastically changed because, over time, government school systems slowly take out important details, change certain facts, pervert certain historical heroes and twist simple ideals so that this generation is presented with an altered version of history. We cannot change our view of the past, only the future. And in changing our view of the future, we change our view of the past. So, if you tell a child that by the time they have grown up they will have experienced a third world war, their view of the past will have forever changed. At this point, they will begin to believe that all of humanity and history will eventually lead up to the imminent destruction of the Human race. So in their mind, what will be the purpose of living? They’re simply another variable in the mathematical problem of life. And all of this because a textbook evolved into a fantastic lie. The inception of evil always begins with a small, simple misunderstanding. If unaddressed, that misunderstanding will evolve into a lie which will be interpreted as truth. Slowly but surely, that lie becomes a belief system filled with other lies. But it all started when one fact was twisted ever so slightly for the purpose of misdirection. Tell me, while you were outraged by the Orlando shooting which I mentioned earlier; do you know what happened behind the scenes where it concerns private military contracts? While you were furious about Planned Parenthood’s wicked, despicable actions; did you once stop to think about what new ingredients were being added to national chain restaurant’s food products? And of course, while everyone was abuzz about Hillary Clinton illegally deleting emails from her private server; did you remember that the NSA never deleted the thousands of terabytes of illegally collected private information via internet based devices? The entire system is meant for the purpose of covering up and getting rid of the truth.

A short parable to help you, the reader, understand what I am elaborating. When one attends a fancy magic show, there is always, of course, the magician who is the main star of the show. But usually, this magician has several assistants who are, in many cases, young female models. Personally, I life to refer to them as sexy distractions. For, while the magician is performing his trick, he often uses the models as a ruse meant for misdirecting the viewers away from the magician’s sleight of hand and because of the allurement of these sexy distractions, the viewers are completely unaware as to how the magician performed his trick. And so it is with the American people. Because of the strong, emotional allurement of the many sad and horrible things that are happening, we are completely unaware as to why they are happening. In the midst of the dramatized frenzy, we forget to ponder the source of mass inequity. It’s not just one hundred and two people that were shot, it’s not just one organization that’s selling baby parts and it’s not just one person who is illegally deleting emails. I try to avoid the word, but it is a massive conspiracy meant for the purpose of misdirecting our gaze from something horrible to something less horrid. So go ahead and celebrate your independence. But, while doing so, remember that you can never be truly independent unless you understand the source of that independence. You can never be truly free when you do not understand the reason for your being free in the first place. My apologies to America, but the candle of honesty and honor was blown out long ago and we are so lackadaisical that we do not even attempt to search for the matches of liberty. Enjoy the fireworks though. They should be enough of an allurement to distract you from the convicting words I have written.

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