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The Player, Opponent, and Me

The Player, Opponent, and MeIn the beginning, I wrote of the eyes that judge us no matter where we are or at what point in time we currently find ourselves. These eyes watch us; judging and condemning us with accusations that can only be justified by our compliance with the negativity of our own souls. I also wrote of how these eyes were our own for we as a species have united time and again in pulling ourselves further down into a pit of slavery. We shackle ourselves with the chains of supposed freedom and as a result of this, our own eyes, which are meant for helping us and not sabotaging us, have turned into tools that produce guilt for not conforming to an unnecessary and very much destructive system.

However, in my rather lengthy exposition, I never once stated how to solve such a scenario. “How is it,” you may ask me, the great Twisty Ceives, “that I am able to rid myself of these judgmental eyes which self-defeat me at every turn?” Well, I am quite glad you asked. Just recently I have stumbled upon a most stunning realization. That realization being that we are only Human. It is in our nature to fumble and fall. It is part of who we are to make mistakes. For in everything we do, we always have some sort of choice. Although it is true that in many instances, we are tossed into unexpected circumstances, we still have the choice of reaction. For example, if one’s automobile were to break down on the freeway, though this wasn’t their choice, one still has the choice of reaction. And yes, the seriousness and trauma of a situation can directly determine our choice of reaction, but we still have a choice. Even a pawn has a choice to navigate that board of Chess so that it can eventually reach the opponent’s side and transform into the piece of power that it always had the potential for. We as Humans have the potential for so much greatness. We are the very definition of hope for in all the years of our own existence, we are still here battling for truth. Just the fact that I am not the only one working to expose the system is proof enough of my point. Yet in so many instances, we ourselves are the very basis for a reality that we claim to reject. In one hand, we hold the keys to life and in the other, death. And we constantly juggle the two as if we were some ridiculous circus act. We boast of how the future holds such great promise while we drag around the excess baggage of our forefathers. We sit on not only one side of the Chess board; but both, as we vanquish ourselves in the intricate game of life.

A Statement Of Ceives XIIISo the answer to your question is fairly obvious at this point. The only way to rid one’s self of such judgmental eyes is to stop playing both sides. After this is done, we must realize who our true opponent is and battle him in great unity. For two people with a common enemy can do much. However, an entire species, such as the Human race, can accomplish total victory once they have come to understand that there is but one enemy. So, in closing, I would like to ask one question; who is the player and who is the opponent?

Twisty Ceives (mr. ceives)


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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