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Roots“Who are we?”, and “Where do we come from?”, are the two questions that befuddle the Human race. Many of us do not know these questions consciously. However, our inner self pushes for the answers for which we so desperately long. For those of us who are aware of these two queries, we are the lucky ones. In our cognition, we often come to many different conclusions and always are these conclusions sourced out of our general belief systems. But as I have avidly stated in my previous articles, our systematic way of thinking has been vitiated by an establishment meant for the purpose of total control and ultimate annihilation of the Human race. So, for a moment, separating ourselves from the mainstream way of rationalizing, we must understand that the answers to these two questions will most definitely determine not only our perception of life, but also our understanding of it. In realizing this, we must realize another truth. This truth being that we do not truly understand life.
Now perhaps you are now thinking that you do understand life. Perhaps you are thinking that, although you do not know everything or even half of everything, you do know and understand what life truly is. Well allow me, if you will, to ask you a question. In all of the infinite information of the ever-abounding universe, is it possible that in everything you do not know, there lies the understanding you could never comprehend without fully discerning the answers to these two questions of “who are we?” and “where do we come from?”
You see, the words understanding, information and knowledge all have completely different definitions. Yet we use these words interchangeably as if they held the same meaning. Because of our misinterpretations of these words, our insight as to what exactly makes us tick is grotesquely skewed. For example, the word “understanding” simplyIMG_20160604_173325 means the ability to understand something or comprehend while “information” means something entirely different. Information is facts provided or learned about something or someone. So, if understanding is the ability to comprehend and information is facts provided about something or someone, why would we replace these words with each other? Our general apathy where it concerns the understanding of life suggests that we wish to be controlled. Nonetheless, we insist that we know who we are and where we come from without even comprehending the basic roots of our knowledge.
In continuation of dictionary definitions, knowledge means facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; or, in more blunt terms, awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation. So in essence, information is simply droned facts repeated by those who have never experienced these things themselves. Knowledge is power while information is simply the act of understanding the ideas that someone else has planted in our minds.
We claim to care about the situations in which we find ourselves regularly, but rarely do we display zeal in a pursuit of knowledge. Rarely do we try to experience these things ourselves. We simply scarf down what a governmental media military industrial complex tells us. This not only demeans ourselves but also others as we drag ourselves further into the hole of no hope. For, how is there hope when we reject every attempt at freedom? How is there hope when we ourselves are purposely ignorant?

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