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The Secret Pursuit

The Secret Pursuit

 What is the pursuit of happiness? Is it something we strive to seek or to be? Is it an illusive idea created for the purpose of misdirection, or is it something meaningful? Ever since the dawn of man, we as a species have asked ourselves the question of life. We have philosophized in joint effort, groping to understand the answer to a riddle no one has yet been able to solve. Everyone searches for it in one manner or another. While it manifests more intensely in some, it still shines through in every Human that takes up residence on this planet. We are the very definition of searchers; ravagers that seek solace in one understanding though we claim to reject such sentiments. No matter our denial, there is still an underlying chaos that pushes us toward the brink of what seems insanity. Yet, what we do not realize is that our very lives are completely and utterly without sanity. We are the opposite of peace and I will tell you why.

 We mourn over the deaths of animals such as lions, gorillas, etc.while millions of baby fetuses are destroyed in a cold blooded act of murder every day. We allow ourselves to become nonchalantly controlled and manipulated by frenzied lunatics in places high. We dose ourselves on the entertainments of society in an act of passionate forgetfulness. For we wish to forget where we came from. We hope to put from our minds the responsibility of free will; for we are content to live in this state as we complain about how horrible our lives have become. Because of this, we forget the horrid price paid by those before who were willing to bridge the gap and help others defog their brains. We cannot change our past, only the future. And in changing the future, we change our view of the past. It is a never ending circle; the past, the present and the future. A loop that shows itself in many different manners as time seemingly moves on. We constantly allow others to influence our view of what the future could be; therefore, our view of the past and especially the present is tainted exponentially. All the while, within our beings, there is a yearning to grasp the answer to one simple question; what is the secret to life?

 In my previous article, I briefly mentioned that among the hectic lifestyle many of us live, there were times when we were presented with a choice that we were never taught to expect. It happens in those moments where the world changes ever so slightly while no one but you sees it. It’s a destiny that calls out from your inner being wondering what it all means. It is in this solace that we are left to wonder if we can wonder at all as we are constantly pressured in our social and/or work lives. Sometimes, the desire to understand our own meaning remains quiet and hidden within the many strings of our hearts while we are played by hooligans in suits who claim to care for our well being. Perhaps it could be referred to as “the secret pursuit”. Yet the question remains, what is it that we pursue? Are we pursuing selfish hopes or simply caught up in a rabbit chase that will lead us down a trail we wish to never set foot on? Sometimes we wish to give up on these supposed delusions but find that we cannot; it is part of our instinctive nature. It is who we are to seek out this secret of life. But what we do not realize is that the secret to life is no secret at all. It is a fantasy that allures us in the direction of false hopes. For we are the secret, we are the answer to our own problems. However, we have been trained to believe that what we search for is something other than it is. This is the paradox in which we find ourselves daily and until we consciously decide to acknowledge the blatant truth of the Secret Pursuit, we shall never find true freedom.

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