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moth Existential existence is most likely the most extreme disease of today’s culture; for the world in which we live has been made to be disposable. The once vibrant hull of America’s future has become hollow and stripped bare of the simple logistics that guide us through everyday life. Confusion is now the spirit in which we live because the once abundant authors that promoted freedom so vigorously seem to have vanished without a trace. So, while we race against the almost undefeatable foe of time, we are left to wonder what exactly makes us tick in a world where the simple mechanics of life have been stripped of their sanity. It seems that We The People have lost touch with the simple ideals of understanding. Our very existence mocks us with its droned habitual style.

 Sometimes though, in the dead of night, when we attempt to sleep peacefully, we are oftentimes presented with a small glimpse as to what exactly our fate is meant to be. But just as we have been trained in every other area of life, like dogs loyal to a master, we put aside these seemingly foolish dreams. However, upon reflection, our dreams are most accurate concerning the coming-forth of a greater purpose. You could call it an awakening of sorts. It happens in those moments when the world changes ever so slightly while no one but you sees it. It happens when a brief doubt enters your head concerning the systematic basics of your life. It happens in those moments when suddenly you are confronted with a choice that you were never taught to expect. The basis of control is always rooted in some form of fear. How do I know this? Because I know what it’s like to be afraid. To be afraid to lose your home because you did not follow some unconstitutional tax law. To be afraid to be locked away for speaking your mind and talking about the vibrant life beyond this one. To be afraid to deny the universal sameness of socialist knowledge.

 We have become tainted creatures groping towards the light only to be destroyed because, just like the moth, we are unaware that surging within this artificial, man-made light is a force of destructive energy lurking to lash out towards those that are different. Seeing is believing, I once heard said. But in this world, you may no longer see or believe, for who needs thought when the law teaches us otherwise? Who needs understanding when the things of old are no longer brought to the surface?

 A Statement Of Ceives IXSo here we are, slowly sinking to the bottom of a stagnant pond symbolizing this world. We are buried in our own lack of thought while the weights of hate drag us further down. Slowly, but surely, our oxygen slips away from us rising to the surface; for we have become nothing more than a diminishing ripple in the great sheet of time. We subjugate ourselves with the false chains of democracy when in fact the sad truth is that we no longer make our own choices. Yes, the actions may have been performed by our hands and feet. Our mouths may have spoken based on the thought process of the mind. But the process of the mind has been converted to something it was never meant to be. As I previously said, the world in which we live has been made to be disposable. Perhaps it is time we begin to learn from our past. In some ways, in the olden days, thing were built to last.

Twisty Ceives (mr. ceives)


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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