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Guy From The Sky

Jesus loves me, this I know
It’s what they taught me in Sunday school
But from what I’ve seen, He’s kind of a jerk
Because the world has made Him so perverse
I walk in the church, they say I’m wrong
I want to be loved, it’s been so long
I thought I could fake it, possibly make it
I was tired of coping, hopelessly groping
Looking for an out
In a system that kept me in
Almost giving up
Thinking my life should end
But then I met this guy in the sky
He wore a Hendrix jacket and seemed a little high
He said He knew my name and who I really was
So I took a moment to listen because
Most of my life, no one ever cared
But this guy seemed different as He didn’t use fear
So He told me a little story
About some people called the Pharisees
He said they followed the law
But the law was meant as a wall
To prevent the masses from entering
The love God loves providing
Perhaps it was a matter of control
Or that of religion
But the motive of hate
Powered evil more than a smidgen
Then the guy from the sky said something strange
He said He came to the earth for an exchange
His life for ours, was the wording he used
A sacrificial act, causing sin to become diffused
Then I woke up in a Church pew
Knowing my life was wrong
I knew God wanted to move
And that revival was about to ensue


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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