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instinct  Did you know that the average Human being sleeps one third of its life? For example, if you live to be seventy five years old and have normal sleep patterns, you would have slept for a total of twenty five years. However, I believe that there has been an exception for me as my sleep patterns are either extremely long or desperately short. So here I am in front of the computer at an ungodly hour in the morning because of my current desperately short sleep pattern contemplating what I should I tell you. The letters on my screen seem to say that you’re pretty much screwed. Like I said in my previous articles, everything about our culture has become thoroughly perverted. We have become dependent on government while we claim to be independent and free people. We have lost the desire to speak our minds as we are only wrapped within the illusion of conspiracy. And no longer do we protest the prison in which our lives have become ensnared.

  Hidden within the common catch phrases of our everyday life lies the shocking truth of our existence. We call ourselves the rat race as all we have become is frenzied beasts racing towards the same trap tainted by the same poison. Did you know that rat poison is only 1% poison while the rest remains untainted? The rat, knowing no better, will continue to return to the food as he is unaware of the poison and slowly but surely, he dies because of an accustomed stimulant that brings upon him death. And so it is with us. We continually dose ourselves on the additives of society. While stuffing our mouths with fast food poison that we have become accustomed too, we also fill our minds with the lying wretchedness of the media. The first step to a healthy life I’m sure would be turning off the televisions, phones and pretty much any type of electric devices; besides the coffee maker and the toaster of course. We all know how we can be rather bearish in the morning without our morning stimulants. Simply another way we have become dependent on outside, unhealthy sources. Our life is not only a prison, but a drug as well. It is a type of fantasy that induces supposed happiness. And yet we are constantly miserable, knowing not who to blame for our constant depression. It is true that we have allowed ourselves to become hopelessly lost within the maze of an unnatural life. But it is because of a system that this is so. The first step to freedom is realizing you are not free. You must release your mind to flight in the hopes that your imagination will spark the solution. One cannot do this when one is engrossed in the world of sociability. Completely disconnecting yourself from the world as often as you could is truly one of the best ways of finding yourself once more. You’d be surprised at how intelligent you are if you would simply take the time to properly meditate.

  Within all of us, there is a small inner voice. Many people call it the conscience while others call it more bluntly the spirit man. I prefer the term instinct. Instincts are a lot like bowling as there is no exact science to either. One can work out simple calculations as to where the ball might roll with simple shifts of the wrists or hands but one is never to know what exactly will happen when the ball begins to glide down the smooth surface of that particular bowling lane. The reason many of us are still locked away in the System is because we have not learned to listen to the original voice of wisdom that has been put down by more than one thing. So instead of simple shifts of mind changing our life, simple shifts of life are changing our mind. We have become the bedrock of a seething river that erodes away all too quickly. We must learn to become a boulder that is unmovable. When life tells you that there is no hope and that you may not move forward, you must insist that you will never move backward. In this act you will find that moving forward is much easier than previously imagined.

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