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December Voice

Once upon a midnight query
I heard a voice that said “Hear me.”
This voice I knew not
As the snow fell in December
I thought perhaps it was evil
Or maybe it was dreams from my slumber
But as the cold formed condensation on the looking glass
And the window fogged from harsh winds
I thought that I saw, just maybe, perhaps
A spirit move to the den
So I rose from my bed, only carrying a bat
Thinking it would be of use
But when I came to the den, alas!
It seemed to be only a ruse
I asked my father what it could possibly mean
He said, “Don’t worry my son.”
“The next time this voice speaks,”
simply say, here I am whoever you are.”
The rest of that memory
Is now a bit hazy
But I know one thing is for certain
If I hadn’t told the spirit I was ready to talk
I would have never seen what was behind the stage curtain


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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