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And Fill In The Blank

and-fill-in-the-blankIt never ceases to amaze me just how perverted our American culture has openly become. I realized this recently while eating a bowl of cereal. Yes I know, a very lame beginning to today’s #ExposeYouAndIT article, but as you know I’m not exactly formal. Another thing that never ceases to amaze me is how we as Americans not only approve of the wickedness behind the stage curtain but also promote IT and accept IT as if it were alright to do the many terrible things we do today. I fancy myself open to new ideas; however, I cannot help but withdraw from the many twisted traditions which are publicly practiced. Including, but not limited to, abortion, gambling, gun control, typical education, promotion of unhealthy foods and drinks and perverse media programming. Those are just a few of the terrible topics I like to converse when confronting what I like to refer to as “the establishment”. Well, today I’d like to confront a small portion of this mass evil where it concerns the education system. Usually I begin with a short example or an interesting query, but today I shall be skipping the formalities and cutting to the metaphorical chase.

Did you know that according to a small survey taken by two hundred seventeen American teenagers, roughly 85% of American teens are satisfied with their school surroundings and further feel they are learning needed information? However, only two hundred seventeen teenagers out of the estimated forty-two million young adults in America took this survey, therefore we cannot use these statistics to weigh the masses opinion.

After conversing with several teen friends of mine and doing a little research, I discovered that in the area in which I live most teens are dissatisfied with their surroundings and are not really sure whether or not they are learning needed information that will help them in their coming future. Judging by the countless school shootings, riots and the miserable look upon the many teens’ faces I have seen in public, I daresay that ninety percent of teens who attend the education system are utterly disgusted and confused with their current circumstances and I would like to shed some light on the cause of this.

To start off, just from a glance at what is currently being taught in American schools, I would say that most schools are not teaching necessary information to help the newly forming mind properly develop its intelligence. The typical American school teaches mathematics and basic arithmetic, social studies, science, physical development, the fine arts, reading and sometimes little to no history. A quick query if you don’t mind, where in any of these subjects do young adults learn how to do their taxes when required and how to create a proper resume when looking for employment? Do any of these subjects teach basic stock market and economy? Not that I’m trying to be a critic, but to my current knowledge physical education in most schools is limited specifically to cardiovascular which doesn’t necessarily do anything to help develop muscle mass or create a healthy body. And to top that, the typical public school serves terribly unhealthy food in their cafeteria. Among the list of meals supplied, there is usually nary a vegetable or fruit of any kind, which as we all know, is never good for the growing young body. The drinks drunk such as milk and soda are processed until it contains hardly any sustenance and are packed full of preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, trans fats and countless other ingredients that do nothing but tear down one’s immune system.

So while improper food intake obliterates the thought process of the mind, our mind is further stressed by learning mostly useless information. Children are not provided with actual wisdom as any sources that could provide sound advice have been removed from the schools. History books are updated every year which in essence means information is being changed. Math is now becoming more complicated for no apparent reason so that young adults will give up more easily. The bible was removed from the schools because of “separation of church and state”. A real quick side point I’d like to make is this; the bible taught good morals if nothing else. It gave hope to those who had none. Although I am a Christian, my opinion is not tainted by my emotional beliefs. It is tainted by only factual statistics that state children have become more and more wild since the removal of prayer and the bible from the public schools. Perhaps I’m stirring up a hornet’s nest when I cover this issue in my writings, but I only look out for the well being of the country of which I used to be proud.

In this sometimes crazed world, we as Human beings are often caught up in the excitement of our lives. The rapid pace at which the times move now are simply dizzying when attempted to comprehend. In so many instances we drug our minds with every type of entertainment possible while looking down our noses at the heroin addict or the pot addict or the drunk or the prostitute, etc. while we refuse to acknowledge the simple fact that we ourselves have become addicted to the culture in which we live. Take a moment to think, if you will. Fast food restaurants cause those who eat there to become obese and highly unhealthy, while becoming addicted. Television displays nothing but politically correct garble, and I use the term “correct” extremely loosely. Seemingly every form of media feeds us negativity of how the world has become so mind boggling bad which only influences us for the capability of more evil. The school system teaches principles that don’t necessarily prepare one for the insane worldly life ahead. And all the while, we’re completely and purposely oblivious. Allowing ourselves to slip further into the maddening river of government Human irrigation. So while we judge others, we should be judging ourselves because we are just as guilty, if not more so, than the drug addict who at least is honest with his or herself about who they have become.

We have been found guilty of squandering our precious lives. It is time that we end this masquerade. For the flags are being burned, and with new causes constantly arising being backed up by only one agenda, there should at least be one person who will say “I will” and fill in the blank.

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