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Linen Ace

It’s the times we look behind us that we miss the silver linings
And it’s the times we present the problem with no solution that we’re whining
They say the grass is greener on the other side
But then I’m told to by the rules abide
And I’m left to wonder if I can wonder at all
What should I follow, my love or the law?
Because being in love is like being that rose that makes you smile
Holding your hand is like floating on a cloud from Heaven’s golden mile
And even though there’s a fence between our faces
I know we can fight this, because in the deck we’re both Aces
So I’ll find some clippers under a daisy sprout
And hopefully join you where the sun is about
Footprints on the beach
Walking into a sunset happy ending
No looking behind us so we’ll find the silver linings


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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