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The God Complex

The God Complex

So far I have written three #ExposeYouAndIt articles and in each one I have written of how most news, food, media and entertainment corporations are nothing but conglomerate money-making corruptions made so that We The People may be managed in a controlling manner. I’ve also written on how the moment we decide to speak our actual mind, we are in moments put down. Well recently I have had the privilege of experiencing the product of this liberal perverted mindset personally.
Several weeks ago I interviewed a small family who were in essence denied much needed dental services. The reason being because they had questioned the dentists ability to correct certain oral issues in the family’s three children’s mouths. After further examination I discovered that the source of the questioning was because the dentist’s prices were suggestively lower than other local dentists which, of course, is a completely understandable origin of concern. Soon after this, the family received an empty and very much open envelope generating suspicion amongst the local post workers. Not thinking much of this, the family proceeded to their next scheduled appointment. Upon arriving, they were told that they could not be serviced as there was a “personality conflict” between the dentist and the mother who had dared to question his abilities.
Three things in this scenario struck me as odd when I heard this story. One, what professional facility wastes forty-nine cents on a stamp only to send an empty and very much open envelope in response to a “personality conflict”? Two, what professional facility denies much needed help to three children after claiming to care for the well-being of their patients? And finally, why would a professional doctor take offense at his qualifications being questioned? Wouldn’t this be the opportunity for him to prove how wonderful he is where it concerns his career trade? Instead however, he labeled his hurt pride as a personality conflict and gave his dimwitted secretary the apparently insurmountable task of sending a letter to the family stating the previous. Not only did he inconvenience the struggling family, he also inconvenienced himself as he not only proved what I have been writing but went as far as to show how egotistical many doctors are. Allow me to explain.
Many psychologists refer to this as the “god complex”. A god complex is defined as an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated ego. A lot of doctors experience this complex on a daily basis. Just as the dentist could not handle his inflated ego being pricked by the point of truth, most of the medical community cannot help but suppress the Human right to think; many times through strong intimidation and overbearing, insensitive actions. In many instances, the doctor has no expertise whatsoever as all he is capable of is dispensing pharmaceutical drugs which have no basis in actual health. The commonplace pharmaceutical drug often referred to as antibiotics is a perfect example. The word “anti” means “opposed; opposite” and the word “bio” means “life”. So in essence, the definition of the word “antibiotics” is the opposite and opposing force towards life. And that is exactly what antibiotics do. They tear down one’s immune system which explains the sudden drain of energy that one may feel after taking such a thing. So many of the drugs within the medical industry are like this. They are meant more as insurance that the patient will continue his trek to the doctor’s office.
I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a televised medical advertisement, but if you have you’ll understand exactly what I am about to say. On many televised medical advertisements, the description of the actual medicine itself is short and brief making the point of what it will fix. But then the advertisement continues on sometimes for up to two or three minutes describing the symptoms and side effects that may occur after taking such a “revolutionary” drug. This in itself should awaken the viewer to the fact that the drug was obviously not intended for the purpose of curing ailments but instead creating them. And if one has more ailments, one needs more pills which will in turn create more ailments. This alone creates a cycle of death which is all the pharmaceutical and medical industry has become; a culture of death. Just as I said before, one cannot stand up to doctors as their god complex will kick in to such an extreme level sometimes that the patient can be transferred to special services of the hospital such as psych wards and in worse case scenarios, even prison. Who knows, the patient could even be turned away from actual needed medical assistance. This is why the only option one has is to flee the medical and pharmaceutical industry as fast as one can.
Another odd fact that many people do not know is that many hospitals are built symmetrically near cemeteries. Yes people may die often in hospitals, but if the hospital itself was intended for the purpose of helping people instead of producing extermination, there would be no need to build these buildings so near the cemeteries. Most diseases that patients are labeled with can be cured by simple homemade remedies that are completely natural. But most of the time these extremely effective remedies are passed off as simply a fable, a wives tale per se.
I do not know about you, but I am rather tired of being subjected to more and more sickness in society.
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a now common ailment in many teens that supposedly has no cure, but I know the cure; simple parenting. But because of propaganda that has effectively tainted our national television networks, theaters and music, we have children being born because of one night stands and rape; therefore we have children with the supposed ailment of ADHD. So the problem isn’t just the medical community as I have said before, it is a full System that is like unto a clock. Every little tick and tock furthers their control over the masses. It is time for the American people to learn to think. For in learning to think, we will learn to observe and in learning to observe we will find that the life We The People have been living is nothing like it’s supposed to be. It is time for an uprising my friends just as I said in my previous article. We The People must realize that we are no longer in control of our own fate for men who believe themselves God twist and tangle the very web of destiny upon which we have become the spider’s food.

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