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The Specter Ellipse

A Story From Horrorville- The Specter Ellipse

The day was strong as the sun beat down.
I was working the fields so I could sell to the town.
When suddenly without a warning,
was heard a sound like unto mourning.
Footsteps echoed down the halls of my home.
So I ran inside to see what was unknown.
Past kitchens I ran, past baths and man coves.
Then I arrived at the room from which was uttered that scream.
But my eyes revealed nothing that could be seen.
I thought for a moment, then blinked my eyes.
Hoping I had gone temporarily blind.
But once again it was reaffirmed.
That nothing was there that could be seen or heard.
So I resumed my work as I harvested my food.
And hours later I was convinced I knew.
That what I heard was nothing concerning.
Because the house was old and disconcerting.
I had inherited this property from my uncle.
Who had a maid named Elizabeth Krunkle.
But she had died from a heart attack,
as did my uncle shortly after that.
What happened in the mansion,
no one really knows.
There are rumors of haunting though.
But I never bought into the gossip around town.
For I was too busy trying to not drown.
In the debt my uncle had left when he gambled and wouldn’t back down.
So that very night as I lay there sleeping.
I heard a voice that sounded like singing.
So I arose and searched for the tune.
And by the light of the moon,
I saw something move.
It was tall, perhaps six feet high.
It wore a white gown
and had piercing Jade eyes.
It looked like a woman roaming my halls.
I clenched my fists, my senses enthralled.
“Hello.” My voice echoed across carpet and door.
“Who’s there?” I questioned as I heard a faint roar.
Something was wrong, ever so wrong.
This house was alive with ghostly song.
I knew not what to do,
as the intensity of the situation grew.
So slowly I retreated to my bed.
Hoping by the morning to not be dead.
When daylight chased the darkness away.
I rose from my terror to welcome the day.
The following evening, the events were the same.
As to make me think that my brain was insane.
And so it was, night after night.
So much I thought I would die of fright.
However after weeks of endless torment.
The spirits ceased and the house became dormant.
Finally, I began to rest.
And as life went on, I hoped for the best.
Sometimes people ask me my story.
And I tell them “Sorry, I find it quite boring.”
For I still do not believe that the spirits can talk.
But I do know one thing, they like to take walks.
My uncle had died, and so had his maid.
On the grounds of this mansion, their corpses decay.
I know their issues were unresolved.
Which is why their spirits still walk the mansion halls.


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