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This Too

A Story From Horrorville- This Too

“I’m a rich man!”
I told my maid.
“My life is great!
My health okay.
I live my life,
from day to day.
And even when,
I have it all.
I am reminded
I’m a lonely soul.”
Here I paused and she looked at me.
She wanted to speak, that I could see.
But the words on her tongue weighed heavily.
She was nervous, apparently.
When she spoke, my mind awoke to a new reality.
“My sir,” she said to me.
“I know that life can often be a misery.
But just wait and see what shall and shan’t last.
As my grandmother said, this too shall pass.”
Then she took her time, and poured my tea.
And just then, I could finally see.
Life isn’t about the things you can have.
Life is about the man you can be.


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