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The Domestic Disturbance

The Domestic Disturbance

The domestic disturbance otherwise known as the social disturbance is irrelevant. It does not matter and probably never will. The domestic disturbance is a ruse, if you will, meant to entrap the feelings of another by creating a set of circumstances that is completely unnecessary. For example, did you know that less than three percent of Americans are homosexual? Yet the media has done nothing but propagandize the twisted “fact” that most Americans are homosexual and are being suppressed by what is actually the majority.
You see everything, no matter the simplicity, is based off of some form of logic. Varying from the laws of thermodynamics to the ability of jumping through hoops, every singular thing in this world is based off of some type of logic. Even emotions are based off of logic as one must choose to love or fear and although this sounds contradictory as emotions tend to be unpredictable, it is not. For as I said before, everything is based off some form of logic. In fact, it makes even more sense that emotions are ruled by logic. For instance, everyone who knows the scientific laws of gravity know to be true the fact that gravity effects everyone on this earth and even though the ideal of gravity has been exacted to a precise calculation, we still know it to be unstable and unpredictable. So it is with emotions and everything else. We are ruled by logic and cannot escape it. However, in many cases this logic becomes skewed as new perspectives are provided which are not properly validated by factual belief. Eventually, these views carry over into every facet of our lives and cause us to become more and more impressionable to outside sources such as the media. This is partially why many Americans are caught in the middle of endless debates such as the homosexual argument. This is also why we are divided as to who should lead us, but that is currently neither here nor there.
My point in saying all of this is that no matter what one may think, one is always within the grasps of rules. There are rules concerning relationships, agriculture, politics, education, media and countless other topics of society. No matter where one finds oneself, there will be rules based off of some form of logic that are most likely twisted for the purpose of control. In learning and obeying these rules we find acceptance. Yet the instant we decide to follow the voice of our own mind, we are in moments put down. For the purpose of rules is to cause one to have supervised freedom no matter the circumstance.
These rules are enforced by systems of authority such as local police, Military, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Navy S.E.A.L’s, Secret Service and private security companies plus hundreds of lawyers who will tear you down in court if you do not follow the regulations set by congress which further pushes us into a general stupor. These rules regulate the domestic disturbance as a bread maker regulates bread to a perfect loaf.
So in my previous article Discount Poison, I discussed that we as Americans are hopelessly dependent on a System which does nothing but lower our self-esteem and causes us to become like helpless children sucking at the tit of control because of these unnecessary rules and regulations. After presenting a series of examples and explanations, I proposed that the solution to this terrible situation lay within individualistic thinking. Although this does sound like the mind set of an anarchist, this is not my motive at all. Anarchy suggests random destruction of authority and disobedience to the rules while I’m suggesting something a bit more drastic. Something so drastic that it can only be explained in one word; mutiny. So yes, I am suggesting mutiny against the System that suppresses our Human right to think and heavily burdens us with superfluous laws and orders. Am I suggesting that society should not have structure whatsoever? No, I am not. I am suggesting that there must come a time when we as a people rise up and smell the daisy’s.
There are many of us still though who are completely oblivious to the fact that we are sometimes merely pawns on the chessboard of control. If one were to look close enough one would find that no matter what ism one may fall under, varying from the homosexual argument to political parties, one is still following the same basic set of rules that apply to nearly every section of belief and the only way of circumventing the regulations is by letting every concept that was predetermined by the frenzied lunatics in places high fall to the side. In doing this, we find the freedom we originally intended to have as Americans. Although this complex is promoted in abundant ways, it is often overlooked as it does not provide step-by-step instructions but instead offers one alternative. No longer must we be told what to do, we must decide what is right for ourselves. For right has become wrong and wrong has become right. It has simply become a flip of the coin that decides our fate. In essence, we fight for what we know not as we think to fight for the cause of good when all we do is fight for our leaders who are corrupt and evil. Lawyers no longer stand for justice but instead stand for whatever amount of money they are given. Many police officers no longer uphold law and order but instead uphold rules and regulations. Our country’s national defense seems to be no longer interested in defending our country but now seems more interested in enforcing control. Judges no longer decide who is innocent and guilty but instead decide whose opinion is wrong and right. These judgments are always based on rules that have been bent to the point they are twisted and gnarled beyond recognition. This is why there must be a mutiny against the system. The box that we have been clammed into must now be trampled upon so that a new era may arise. For the domestic disturbance is simply the mask that covers the monster of mass domination and that my friends is why it is a ruse.

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