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Canvas Perfect

I once had visions
Of linen white sheets
That laid on a bed
That I used to once meet
A lovely, young lady
With hair golden blonde
A lovely, young lady
With whom I had a bond
We had met in Paris
Under the Tower
Then again we met
Within the hour
Our second meeting indeed
Was under linen white sheets
Maybe a bad deed
But the feelings were quite neat
I even remember a time
When we met all in white
We held each others hands
Then the priest said “Kiss the bride.”
Then again we met
Under those sheets of white linen
We both were quite wet
But at least we weren’t sinning
Two boys and a girl
Shortly came into our lives
They liked chocolate swirl
And piggy back rides
Perhaps I’m sentimental
Or maybe it’s parental
But my children and my wife
Are in my life, monumental


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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