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Discount Poison

Discount PoisonIn many instances of life I have discovered that the inevitability of our extermination is overwhelming. Although this fact presents itself in nearly every way possible we as Americans are still oblivious to its powerful stench. Instead of heeding the hints we are so readily shown on a daily basis we further let ourselves sink into the ginormous hole of the dead. And for some morbid reason it is this knowledge that we choose to take comfort in. This occurrence always evinces itself in different manners varying from fast food restaurants to the abortion industry. Once again proving that we as Human Beings have purposely set ourselves on a self-destruct pattern.

There are many issues facing our society today and many of those issues are directly rooted in our firm belief in a System, a System which has done nothing but destroy our faith in ourselves and others. Let me explain this to you by asking you a series of questions. When you last went shopping did you think to check the ingredient labels on the products in your cart? When you last visited a fast food restaurant did you once consider what the cook could have possibly done to the food? When you last washed your clothes did you once question what effects the laundry detergent could have on your skin? When you last visited your local bank did you inquire as to what happened to your money after deposited? When you last read a book or watched a movie did you wonder what the directors or authors motive was?
My intent in asking you these questions is too spark your mind to the fact that we, as Americans, live in a society that does everything it is told do. We claim to think for ourselves then follow a very long list of rules and regulations concerning both our private and public life. We may make our own choices but those choices are based off of choices given to us. So my question is is there any real freedom in that? Is there any real freedom in having our choices chosen for us?
For example, when grocery shopping, one has hundreds of choices but each choice was originally predetermined by business men who simply wanted to make a profit. In considering this, we realize that we are not necessarily given a choice as the list of choices has previously been chosen. The same idea applies to politics. One has multiple options to choose from when voting but each political party is simply another face on the die of corruption. The entire system is a mathematical gamble designed to lure the unsuspecting mind into its woefully woven web. And the odds are stacked in favor of the house. I’m not sure if you are aware of this but did you know that recent scientific research shows that the common household food known as Hot Dogs contains trace amounts of Human DNA? Not that I’m trying to ruin your campfire event but could this possibly be connected to the Planned Parenthood fiasco that took place a few months ago when it was discovered that Human fetuses were being sold to private investors?
You see every multi-billion dollar industry is interconnected somehow which leads me to believe that if every food manufacturer, education system and political and media based company is somehow working together, then it is a mass system built for one purpose; control. There is an old saying that states knowledge is power. There’s another statement which also says “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” So if one has knowledge, one has power and if one has connection, one also has power. But if one has knowledge and connection, one has mass power. And that’s exactly what the leaders of multi-billion dollar companies such as Planned Parenthood, McDonald’s, Fox News, Disney and countless others have. They have knowledge and connection and through that knowledge and connection they have mass power and control over hundreds of millions of people. Why do you think Fox News displays commercials for McDonald’s? Because McDonald’s pays huge amounts of money to Fox News to do so. Where do they get so much money? My guess is from yours and hundreds of millions others pockets who have become addicted to their food because of hundreds of unnecessarily added additives. Can you guess what happens next? McDonald’s then sponsors an organization like Planned Parenthood who then is able to extract thousands more Human fetuses. Eventually this evil is exposed but its impact is severely hindered as media outlets such as Fox News refuse to give this horrible situation any coverage therefore completing the circle of control which furthers their reach into our lives. Following this, a movie or television show is released from some huge Hollywood industry such as Disney which further distracts us from the truth.
After a while occurrences like Planned Parenthood’s evil activities are forgotten and we as Americans go on with our lives continuing to drug ourselves with every possible entertainment. So yes, the inevitability of our extermination is overwhelming and there’s nothing that can seem to be done. We go on with our lives perverting our minds with the news, distracting ourselves with the entertainment industry, hurting ourselves with national chain restaurants as we eat our discounted poison. And in all of this wickedness we claim to be innocent. We claim that we are simply misinformed and that everything that is happening is the product of someone else’s stupidity when in reality we are the cause of the mess in which we find ourselves. We have countless times chosen to become ignorant so we can be accepted by a System that is not meant to be accepting. It was in this revelation that I discovered that no one was innocent. Everyone in the world is guilty of one thing: willful cooperation in the System.
I suppose I should now provide an answer to this dilemma. I have stated the problem and now I must find a solution. For as we all know problems are simply stepping stones to solutions. However, I must ask one more question. If this situation was caused by willful ignorance, then how can my answer be heard?
It will not be. My proposition will only be heard by those with open minds.
I propose that the solution to this great problem lies in individualistic thinking. I want you, as a separate person, to deny every facet of society. Rules are meant to be broken; so now you must break them. You will only find freedom in exposing the System. So go and find your freedom. For in the end of all mankind the System will crumble revealing things we never knew to be true.

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