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The Human Complication (AKA Know Yourself)

The Human Complication

Have you ever noticed that no matter where you go or what you do there is always one person staring at you? No matter the circumstance, there’s always one person staring at you condemning you with silent words. This person does not need a mouth or even ears to hear you, all it needs is its glaring eyes that remind you of your despicable, disgusting Human nature. Those eyes tell you everywhere you go that you are not good enough for any type of accomplishment or appraise. Those eyes tell you in everything you do that you are a failure and will never succeed or amount to anything. They judge the outfits you may or may not wear and transform your unique physical and mental idiosyncrasies into harsh and cruel insults. In any place or time, those eyes are there watching you; judging you. Trying to conform you to an image that you will never succeed to be. In this drive, this push to be better, we overlook the ones we love. Oh, it always manifests itself in different manners; sometimes in vanity and other times in self loathing. But in both instances, harm is done not only to ourselves but to others as well.

Take a moment if you will and think of the outcome of vanity. It causes one to be obsessed with one’s looks and mannerisms which in the process causes one to overlook the uniqueness of others. Self loathing, however different the outcome may seem, comes with the same price. If one is too busy hating oneself, how can one love another? It is impossible; a paradox, if you will, that is not meant to be explained- only exposed.

It does not really matter if one is vain or if one is self loathing, those eyes watch nonetheless, amplifying the negative capacity of your mind and suppressing the positive contrast. Have you begun to guess who’s eyes stare back at you every night you try to sleep? Have you considered the multiple candidates of who could possibly stalk your every evil thought?

Perhaps it is your neighbor, maybe your friend. It could be a spouse or the bum you hid your face from when he or she asked for your help. There’s also your employer (if you have one) and the countless relatives you may or may not know. Who knows, the government system itself could be spying you out. Although all of these are good answers, they are, in and of themselves, wrong. Have you yet to see what I am The Human Complication (AKA Know Yourself)saying? The eyes are not of your neighbor, friend, bum, employer (if you have one), countless relatives or even a government system. They are that of your own.

The very eyes you fear judgement from are the very eyes you wear. We look at our clothes and we decide it causes our naturally beautiful figure to look drab. We look at our faces and cover them with makeup like a criminal would wear a mask. We say things we do not understand in the face of social pressure so we can be accepted by a system that is not meant to be accepting. If we are not judging ourselves and trying to fix ourselves, we are looking down our noses at others because of the haughtiness of our own breath.

I know there are hundreds of variables to the Homo Sapiens psyche. But in essence, the Human complication always simplifies itself in a very blunt manner. Human nature is naturally fearful of what its mind cannot comprehend. This is why we condemn ourselves and others. This is why we try to conform to a system; both social, private and every other area of life you can imagine. We long for a place where we feel understood which is completely understandable but grossly overlooked.

“So how can I solve the Human Complication?”, you just might ask me. Well, I’m only a blogger right now and I’m not exactly sure what the answer to that question is. People are complicated, life is complicated. Everything is complicated. I know that, and the world knows that. But life isn’t supposed to be about complications. Frankly, I do not know what it’s supposed to be about. But I do remember an old phrase which has recently rung a bell in my ear. It’s an old Latin phrase and once translated into English it states “Know Thyself”. Two words, that’s all it is. And yet in those two words, it seems the complications of the world have just been solved.

As I said before, we Humans long to be understood but how can we possibly be understood if we do not first understand ourselves? If we do not know the most inner and deepest parts of our souls, how can we in any way aspire to greatness?

The answer, for once, is simple. We can not.

Odd, isn’t it? The Human complication suddenly becomes uncomplicated. Those eyes that stare at us continually are only a reflection of the demons we fear to face because we do not truly know ourselves.

So know yourself. I once read that life is a journey that will whisk us away on many adventures. But we cannot walk when we are blinded by our unknown fears. So know yourself, begin to walk life’s journey in the light. Face your fears, because the average Human Being only lives for seventy to eighty years, and that is not very much time at all. I would personally rather spend that time by a beach with a vodka martini in hand than live in the confused conundrum of the systematic Human Complication.

So know yourself; I’m sure you’re a great person if you’d give yourself the chance.

Twisty Ceives (mr. ceives)


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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