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Midnight strangers don’t come too often
Which is why we learn to build their coffin
We lock our windows and board our doors
Hoping none will bring in horror
We close our eyes when we see truth
We open our mouths and act like a deuce
We look past the present so we see Then
Instead of letting our wills to bend
In the face of evil, we comply
In the face of freedom, we build up lies
Consequence befits us like toiled dogs
Barking for what they give to the hogs
On our breath is the taste of pride
But with new candy, we learn to hide
The hate of yesterday consumes today
Forever taking our future away
Our eyes are searching for what we know not
Our hearts are wandering in confused, shattered thought
Our feet ran from us
And our hands gave to lust
All because we deny who formed us from dust


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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