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I have no one to tuck me in
No dream catchers to catch my nightmares in
No kiss on the head from a girlfriend
No place to lay my head in the end
So I watch the darkness dance in my room
While I assume
Its origins
I watch the cauldron steam my hate
While I debate
Its corruption
There was a time when thoughts were avowed
But now we’re told that’s not allowed
We use to live in harmony
But that’s been fixed by the pharmacies
In our agony, they find their sage
And in their sage, we find our rage
With that rage comes sides unexpected
And with each new view, we become more infected
So I watch the vat
With its fire lit beneath
Waiting for the time
It burns the bloody heap
That will come when we all
Call this battle war
That will come when we all
Forget what came before


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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