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Dream Vault

From the set of my mind
Where dreams and visions are intertwined
Comes a production by the Blind
All about me of course, when I once was maligned
So the stage opens and the curtains fall to the side
Fog drifts towards the audience from the somber vault
The piano strikes and so begins the assault
Men in black suits with books colored the same
Use their words to slice down
Who they thought was to blame
But in the haste of their tones
They called their hate love
And with this happening
Destroyed the nest of the Dove
In order their anger appease
The man of the vault
Severed his ease
With this doing, he lost Leesa Brown
He may have come out better
But below his smile lies a frown
The men with their books are cowards at heart
Which is why the man of the vault stood apart
He was not heroic, neither brave
But his brain was the thing
That made their fear so grave


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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