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Bear Hugs

If you give a bear a berry, he’ll want some whipped cream to go with it. Whipped cream will remind him of Ice Cream and Ice Cream will remind him of the day Sunday which in turn will remind him of Ice Cream Sundaes. You’ll have to bring him to a nearby ice cream parlor where he will want an Ice Cream Sundae. Of course, he will see all of the other options on the gigantic sign, so he will take more than a few minutes to choose what he really wants. On the sign he will see an advertisement which says;

“If you want Cherry Ice Cream Sundaes, get them here!”

Seeing this advertisement, the bear will suddenly realize that what he really wanted in the first place was simply a berry from the succulent bushes of the Colorado mountains.

“But why waste time and energy,” The bear will say to himself. “of coming all the way to this nice ice cream parlor? I might as well get an ice cream soda.”

When you order the bear his ice cream soda, he will obviously want a straw. After taking a few sips of his delicious drink, he will want to go home. On the way home, he will begin to drink his ice cream soda so fast that he will begin to have chills and wish he was in his nice warm cave in the Colorado mountains. Of course, you wouldn’t want the bear to be cold so you would turn on the automobile’s heater. After a few minutes, he would be warm and you would be hot. You would then open up a window to cool off. But how frustrated you’ll be when you discover that the bear is once again cold! So, being the nice and kind person we both know you are, you would shut the window and turn the automobile’s heater up.

In a few minutes, you would arrive home and would go inside. But to your bewilderment, you will find that the bear is nowhere to be found. First, you will look in the bathroom, second, you will look in the kitchen, third, you will look in your own bedroom, fourth, you will look in the dining room and finally, you will look in the mirror. And to your great astonishment, you will see that the bear has been following you around the house and you would then see his reflection in the mirror.

Turning around while smiling, you would ask him how he is feeling. He would answer you with a simple “I’m doing fine, thank you.”

Then he would have to tell you some very terrible news. The news would be that he has to leave and go back to his home cave in the Colorado mountains. This would be very sad news indeed and tears would begin to well up in your eyes. And this very kind bear, seeing your unhappiness, would do something that is often done in the bear civilization. He would give you what is commonly referred to as a “bear hug”.

Now, if you don’t know what a bear hug is, I shall explain. A bear hug is when a human, or bear, wraps itself so tight around you that it feels as if a plush teddy bear is hugging you. And that is what would happen indeed when this bear would wrap its big, plush body around you. After saying many farewells, the bear would part and would climb up the Colorado mountains which will rest behind your house.

If there was a moral to be learned from this story that will most likely happen in your not-so-distant future, it would be that friendship is the most important thing that one may have in life. So as this story draws to a close, I must end it with one statement.

“Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson


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