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Addiction Breakers Pill

Slipping into darkened dreams
Where I hear those morbid screams
Always crying for my help
To stop the whips that cause their whelps
I look at them, they look at me
I cannot save them
For there’s no controlling this dream
Anger swells and hate is fine
Is this my life? Is this truly mine?
Am I the monster? The one that will kill?
Am I the one who sees past?
The Addiction Breakers Pill
The illusion of that drug
The one that sweeps insanity under the rug
The one that steals your meals
The one that seals the Death Deal
Nightmares are the product
Sin is what you vomit
But don’t take my word
Watch it make you a retard


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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