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The Swim Of The Jellyfish

The Ocean waves tumble over coral and sand while the hermit crabs take cover in their rocky coves. The sardines come together to create great moving balls of shimmering light causing even more reason for the sharks to come and feast.

The Ocean seems quiet today, but then the Ocean never stops speaking. Some do not even realize that the words of the Ocean are the most powerful things in existence. They can level whole cities yet they fuel all life. Many come to the Ocean, but not always to listen. Some come to ride the waves with their carbon fiber body boards and wooden paddle boats. Others come instead for death and others come for simple observation. But when you see the Ocean, you see only a very small fraction of it, no matter how hard you look.

Just as the Ocean speaks to us with its waves, it also speaks to us with the creatures that lurk within the deep waters.

The sharks show us the more brutal nature that is held within the mortal soul, and the corals shows us that no matter what one goes through, healing is always a possibility. The sardines shows us mobility and the power in unity and the turtles show us that you can enjoy life much more when you take things slow. The krill and plankton show us that even the smallest items are of use in some way or another. The creatures that reside in the deepest, coldest and darkest parts of the Ocean show us that even in the darkness there is always light and the octopus shows us that three extra sets of hands is much better than being alone. The whales show us that sometimes, singing the blues is the only way to talk to a friend and the Jellyfish show us that beneath the surface is much more then what is on the outside.

Sometimes you look at somebody and wonder if they have ever had an original idea in their life, sometimes you wonder if they even know how to think. Many thought this about Albert Einstein, yet with one calculation he solved everything. Just like the Jellyfish who just swims, sometimes there is much more beneath the surface of someone then the outside would suggest.

If it was my place to say, I would deem the Jellyfish the most fantastic creature in the world.


Well because no matter what the Jellyfish sees or goes through, it only swims. It seems to have no thoughts or ideas or even a mind but still it swims proving its more genius nature.

The Swim Of The Jellyfish is the most powerful lesson of all, because no matter what it goes through it continues on. It sees only what is and is not blinded by others perceptive. It does not speak because it knows that silence is the loudest voice of all. It is deadly but incredibly fragile. Its clever complex shows a design, but by whom? I guess only the Jellyfish knows.

The Jellyfish is vigorous, but still at the mercy of the Oceans currents and waves. It is second to only one and that is the Ocean. The Jellyfish is independent yet transparent. It sees, but not with eyes, it thinks, but thinks not with a mind.

It may feel with its skin, but does it love?


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