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Dark Bleed

Crashing underneath your waves
Stuck in dark and vulgar caves
Wondering where the path may lie
Perhaps it’s times to say goodbye
Hoping for a reunite
For all I know is I’ve been knifed
Violence, anger, rage and more
Fill me up to the core
Wishing no longer for feelings feel
But it’s to late and I’ve sealed a deal
Can’t I ever find the way?
For I am lost in godless sway
She told me the time was right
But here I am without my sight
Wishing for true love’s complete
But instead I hear her cheat
So now I tell you all I know
But you don’t listen but instead bend a bow
And as that arrow is released
I finally realize
Your the beast
You ignored me when I screamed my screams
So now I’ll kill you in my dreams


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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