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The deer may be huntable
But salmon is cheap
Just like fur coats
That came from a sheep
And although the goose
May have layed an egg
The tooth fairy will most likely beg
Just like a nucleus
At the center of a star
Or some nuclei
Which is not in Mars
Then there is cactus
With there spine and there pricks
With the cacti all piled around
The fungus can’t grow in the desert because its sick
But the fungi, maybe, who knows
The antenna sends out
Its short nonsense waves
So other antennas
Can surf on its waves
While insects don’t receive these sounds with their feelers
They do have a stimulus
That will bring an old poker dealer
Or was that stimuli?
I am not sure which
But I do know bacteria
Has a small open niche
Or was that bacterium?
I still am confused
Like a mouse or a rodent
Even out of the slop, they have use


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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