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Let Our Violence End

What is the meaning of love? It seems to be a multifaceted idea that consumes every philosophical idea that ever lived. What subject inspires the most poems? Love. What subject inspires the most songs? Love. What subject inspires the most books and movies? Love. Everything that people do seems to be based on some form of love that either exists or once existed. No matter if its holding hands or committing murder, it probably originated from some kind of love for someone of something. Why? Why does love cause such illogical reactions in those who choose to feel it? How come when you wave to the girl/boy across the street you feel tingly and excited? Love literally causes physical disdain for logic. As I have explored this vast and wide subject, I realize that there is no end to love’s reach. No matter how hard you try to conceal your emotions, no matter where you retreat within yourself, it finds you and takes hold.
For love was the reason you hid in the first place.
Let Our Violence End is an antonym for LOVE.
This statement means one thing, do not let the emotions of love control you and drive you to violence and hate and bitterness, but instead, let it drive you to harmony and peace and joy.
Can you do that for me, my friend?


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