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The Night Is Broken 2 (a magic resort)

A small little boy
With harmless intentions
Played with his toys
With selfish retention
Even though
His adventures in the sink
Were made to learn to love
And learn how to think
His heart had been hardened
By the evil outside
No one could care less
If he lived or he died
So he created a world
With his toys and his games
While someone else laughed
(I will not name names)
He mocked and he mocked
Telling this boy
That his world could not stand
Without any joy
So this small little person
Added laughter of sorts
Therefore making
A magic resort
“The night is broken.”
His door ringer said
And the small little boy
Would agree in his head
Imagination false
An illusion called lie
Would come to control
This small little boy

The Night Is Broken 1:


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