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Around the campfire
They had gathered
While the rain drip-dropped
On the tents it pattered
Four grown men
And two teen boys
One just begging
For a story of joy
But the other teen
Had a different intention
For he wanted
A tale of strong tension
And so it was told
Around the fire that night
A story of cold
And malicious fright
The story I believe
Went lke this;

“Washington, Washington
Under the cherry tree
Saw a girl dancing with glee
Out in the fields
With the sun setting down
He followed the girl
With the eleven-point crown
And as the midnight clock struck
Washington realized
He was much out of luck
For he was
In the forest at night
Nowhere to be seen
The girl of great height
Having no sight
No light
And no might
He died in the middle
Of the darkness so tight
Not even willing to put up a fight”

And so the story ended
Both every man and teen that night
Had fell asleep, but not out of fright
They were simply bored
Which leaves a simple question
That I have seemed to predicted
Who told the story when they were all asleep?


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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