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It Is (part 1)

Let me tell you the truth. So many things are unexplainable. Wouldn’t you agree? I would, which is why I am thinking a question. A question I might ask you, a question I might not. A question that might spawn a mystery, a question that might solve one. Can you guess my question? Have you understood the seismic paradox that it might create? Can you envision the confusion and thrilling substances it might encase? Do you see? Perhaps you are still focused on the question itself. The question is not the subject, the after fact of it is much more effective in its questionable destruction of sanity. Yet, if the after math of such a paradoxical question could destroy and tear down the wall of sanity itself, could it expose the boundaries of what’s real? Maybe bring a shift into the realism of our world. Perhaps, perhaps not. Maybe, maybe not. The opposites of each of these several questions lead back to the original origin of the question I was thinking and still am thinking.
It is…


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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