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The Human Element

I only took the name
For disguise purposes
I only played the game
Because of a hidden pain
I stared at the mane
Of a lions fur
That once dance by the minute firs
Where the lioness
And the cub so small
Would cuddle there
And sing a song
Where beavers of all sorts
Would rest their heads
While the white possum
Would always play dead
The human element
Did not surprise
Those who walked
In this state of mind
For we walk upon two
Instead of the four
Our arms do not flap
So that we can soar
Our eyes do not see
When it is dark
Our ears do not hear
When we have been marked
So man and woman
Listen my dears
Your lives are in danger
For you will be seared
You must run
From the forest of none
For in the end
It will not be fun


I'm a writer, filmmaker, and Human. I think...

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